Attack Speed And WD bug

No matter how hard I tried, I still can’t get my attack speed reached 70% for the epiphany bonus…
Is this a display bug? Or it is actually impossible to reach 70%.
In addition, the epic WD+ and epic WD%+ on both MH and OH aren’t shown in the stat page as well. Neither the default stat page nor the Bash stat page changes after I put WD+ or WD%+ on my weapon

yes, I have the same WD bug!!! The STATS page dont change when I add or delete a +WD or legend WD% affix.
@SteigerBox could you please look into it? because I think it is a very severe bug~~~

The only way to use it by pet. It should have atleast 30%attack speed (y)

atleast 10% attack epeed to be correct. 60% can added on equipment.

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It’s a known bug, which already got reported many times. Please use the forum search feature before posting a bug report.