Attack speed not working with Epiphany


I have Epiphany(5) on my Rogue (i Jaspered the Epiphany Hat), which should give me a max attack speed of 60% *1.25 = 75%.
There is more than 75% attack speed on my gear, but the stats page only shows 63%.
I can never reach the Epiphany Bonus of 70% attack speed.
Please look into it.


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63% is 1.05*60%. Does it only give +1% cap per level?

i already test it few days ago, and the result is same as your. i also already test having 60% attack speed on item and 15% from pet and its work. basically u need pet with +15% attack speed. for it reach cap of 75%. idk if that intended or bug.

@refia can u help with this.? is it intended to have the Epiphany bonus active while combined with pet attack speed or it was bugged that the extra attack speed on item not fully count

Epiphany gives 5% cap per level. So Epiphany(5) gives 25%.

It should not be intended to work with the pet only. Dodge works perfectly fine and i can get 75%.

Hi, i’ve just checked further. It does not work with set ranks either. My stats page shows 5 [4] ranks, ie i have +5 to all sets, but my gear still shows eg plagued [5], ie +4 to all sets only.

Please look into this thanks

No, this is not intended, that it doesn’t work with the attack speed on gear. Thanks for the bug report. Noted.