Attack Speed

Is it still relevant after the recent update? With skills having 0.5s min cooldowns does attack speed still gives us any advantages pls. share your thoughts and opinions.

the 0.5s min change was too offhands so yes it still has a use :smile:

Ok in MH example if I use Whirlwind it says it has 1 sec cooldown so if I use it with +45% attack speed do I get 2x damage compared to 0% attack speed thus ignoring the cooldown?

actualy base on my xperience when i use 45%atksped in warrior while using whirlwind i can feel the speed of my spin improving and number of hits seems faster. but same question was ask in some thread clogon answered that atksped does not affect whirlwind speed of spin and number of hits. test it urself just to be sure @Raizen

Doesn’t matter if damage isn’t dealt. If it just speeds up the spin but deals same amount of damage because of the 1 sec cooldown then it’s useless.

Reduced cooldown is the affix you want when it comes too special skills instead of attack speed which is for primary skills but yes you will have a much higher DPS :smile:

The number of times you can use Whirlwind is unaffected by CD and ASpd. This is because while spinning, you cannot use any MH attacks. The only thing that increases its Hit Frequency is its Heroic Skill.

Knight Charge is the same.

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I see so to make it simple which is better weaken or attack speed coz I’m thinking of replacing it. I already have Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Deadly Strike, and Crushing Blow.

I already said ASpd was useless so why even consider it?

Weaken is only good if you are planning to have more than 100% resist reduction and do not use Ignore Resist.

Making sure you have 40 Whirlwind is top priority since it increases your Whirlwind DPS to 6x compared 20 Skill which is only 3x (this is not including the MS boost with Momentum). 30 skill investment only increases it to 4.375. As you can see, maxing Whirlwind skill is best.

40 Knight Charge does more DPS with Momentum but its knockback ruins your DPS output. :frowning: Whirlwind is therefore more reliable and has a bigger AoE. Besides capping MS is easy enough so that the difference in MS boost from Knight Charge is minor.

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weaken is good if u got 150-200% weaken (does not work w/ ignore resist) works well w/ effective mythic ring.

u can also add another 30%deadlystrike for more proc% chance then craft brutal chest
or 45%cd reduc(w/lvl 20agility =10%cd) =55%cd ur whirlwind cd will be .45 sec cd instead of 1sec cd(dont know if dis realy matter) realy good utility for special skils cd specially if ur using shatter, taunt etc.

or add 2x30%dodge for survival (huge dmg inc w/pathfinder affix)

this are just my insight/suggstions @Raizen

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