Auto-minimap and more minimap configurations

All of these recent patches improve the core gameplay except one aspect… the mini-map. I’ve been playing this game a very long time ago (but not much hours clocked here just because) and it never changed, except for the orange hue on some dungeons for visibility.

And here I am, suggesting some things for the mini-map:


An improved, translucent overlay of the minimap with configurable options, such as:

*Automatically show minimap when idle for [0.2-0.5] seconds, automatically hide minimap on any activity.
*Automatically show minimap when encountering forks on the road, automatically hide when taking any path
*Configurable Minimap translucency
*Minimap indicators and audio alert of important things like the Shrine/Fountain and eternals/crystal legends/ultra-rare MS or CS drops, all configurable.
*Configurable soft key location of minimap buttons
*Configurable location/size/zoom of the minimap

I hope this gets considered, as not all people are fond of always displaying the map.

While a decent idea, do we need this? I just keep the map on always…

There’s room for improvement… most decent PC dungeon crawls/adventures I have played have good, unobstructive minimaps.

The way it is now, it ruins immersion when the map is always there.