Auto revive

In my opinion auto riveve of hired characted would be great option. When Im playing on higher floors I need to spend time on riveving my hired char and sometimes its a reason why im dying on my main.


I was wanted it 3 months ago but they said we won’t add it.Cuz if u don’t need to revive hireling it’s be so much.When u using hireling u must penalize man.

Who is this mysterious “they” ? :slight_smile:

We agree the auto revive option would be helpful but we also talked internally about putting them on a cool down like your health potions.

Ultimately we got busy working on our next game and we didn’t implement either.

I don’t think I would use a Hireling just for Climbing Floors, but they are good for Ascending, Farming, and PVP. I didn’t like using them when I got my second Character Slot, as it kept dying a lot. I have been playing for over a year now, and fighting in the Arena. setting my A.I. for the Arena has helped me to understand that part of the game better, so my Hireling in PVE doesn’t die as much. also, it helps that I can Craft better Equipment for my Hireling than I did so long ago. I don’t revive my Hireling if my Main is in danger, so I make some safe space before I do any reviving.

U or a BM.I can find the messages about it :smiley: Actually it was like this exactly:Don’t think add cuz manual reviving not so hard and if it be game goes to be robotic.Maybe can add it but revive price be more than current. @tdaniel

Auto revive for hireling is nice, though i haven’t found the need for it at the moment. My hireling is safer than i am, trailing behind me.

me was like: "gosh i’m the boss here! Can you do the frontlines?":grimacing:

hireling wiz saying: "Just go ahead, and die!":smiling_imp:



:rofl: I am still looking for good A.I. setting for my Hireling. what I am using now is finally doing well, but it just occurred to me that different skills, builds, and Classes require different A.I. settings, just like in the Arena. . .oh no, no wonder I am having problems! :sob:

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I also want customized Al settings but prob we won’t get it.Cuz i believing new game gonna be perfect and this game will be playing for nostalgia i think.

from what I can tell, DQ2 looks like it will be more online, while DQ is more offline. there will be lots of players for both.