Just open 221 chest with eternal rank and nothing good/no luck on eternal trophies… I’m sad

You can convert it to higher lvl chest.

1v1 Chest 20 = 1 Legend chest
20 Legend chest = 1 Eternal chest (100% chance for eternal equip but still need luck as you don’t always get a trophy)

My RNG is bad lol

221 Eternal Chests? Quite a lot huh.

I thought he/she was at Eternal league and opened chest. If it was 221 Eternal Chest that seems impossible >.>
But not really sure what he/she meant

1 eternal chest = 400 normal chest
221 = 88400 chest >.>

I know, that’s why I was surprised, I only have gotten like 5-ish eternal chests and I’ve played for quite a while.

I only open 5 eternal I’m too broke to convert all of them…

Obviously this guy is cheating. No one in hell could have 200 eternal chests unless they play this game 24 hours a day everyday.

Vicbot prob cause you dont know how to hack that yet. I am sure you will learn that too…

If you aren’t hacking my apologies but I dont see how this cant be a hack

I said I only open 5 I was to broke to convert my other chest… You guys miss read/o miss type. I had 221 rare boxes…

Your the only one who understand what I wrote…

Emman answered your question :slight_smile:
Just convert your chests for higher tier chests and you will get better loot of it.