Balancing the game

Some affixes are really often used such as all sets while some others such as unity mythic are never used in pvp.
How would you balance this (not only these two ones)? :thinking: :thinking:

Unity is actually pretty good in PVP if you Craft your PVP Build the right way. gives you equal resistance to all Elements used against you. less useful in PVE since monsters on higher floors eventually can one shot you.

Deadly Arts & Spell Sword, I ignored these for a long, time, but recently I have thought of Builds using them. not easy, but I kind of like the challenge of making a useful Build with them.

MP Reduce, an Epic Affix only on Weapons, hardly anyone ever uses it, but it doesn’t count toward the +60% Cap of Reduce Resource affix, so might be good on a Build with Barbarian +50% or higher, and Push the Limit type Builds. I have used it a few times in some of my early Builds, but it is hard to find space for it in current Builds. not useful on Blood Magic Builds, and only reduces the MP requirements of Spells on the same Weapon.

I guess if it would work for both weapons no matter which weapon it is on, hmm, but then you could get 80% MP Reduce without using Eternal Item, and with an Eternal item, you could get Zero MP Requirement for spells!! guess this wont happen.

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