Barbarian legend affix is bugged

It seems that while the resource reduction on the barbarian affix works, the increased damage does not.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing last night.

I was testing by comparing a Vacuus vs. Masochist’s Edge axe I found. I jaspered the Masochist’s Edge to a bow, maxed the ilvl and iq for both, and rerolled both to 100% Weapon DMG. (They also both had one socketed Endow in each, and each one also had +5000 Weapon DMG epic affix.) But somehow they had the same damage, despite Vacuus not having the Barbarian affix that the Masochist’s Edge had.

I thought maybe the Barbarian affix was still working, but just wasn’t included in the DPS calculation or reflected in the Stats page. I didn’t field test it to see if enemies were dropping quicker.

Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Going to take a look into it.