Bard Class

Personally, I would love to see a Bard make it into gameplay. Have a selection of instruments such as a Lute, Trumpet, and Harp, and Flute. Offhands could be based upon musical genres such as Blues, Symphony, Folk, and Jazz. I think the bard class should focus on low/moderate damage and more rely on support talents and set affixes that grant more HP, Defense, or Strength for set amounts of time. This would be a very technical class, so to mediate the lack of strength, there would be no projectiles on a few of the weapons. Instead, the skill/talent of certain weapons would affect the closest enemy within say 5-10 yards. The Harp for example, could cast a projectile-less skill called “Strum” or “Pluck” that causes 45% MH damage to all enemies within 5 yards for 2 ticks. The heroic skill of Strum or Pluck would increase it’s number of enemies affected, the numer of ticks, and the damage. Whereas an offhand such as Blues could have a special skill like “Requiem” That Increases all tick counts by 2, and damage by 20% for the duration of the spell. It’s heroic skill would raise its duration, tick improvement count, and perhaps add a damage boost at high levels.

Overall, the class could be Low damage, but able to quickly stack fortitudes of “ticks” onto multiple enemies. With a good balance by the game devs, I think this class could be loads of fun and be a craay good PvP class with CC effects such as fear, stun, and poison.

I’d love to hear some feedback.


Bards are awesome…I have really loved those classes as well!

I think they could be really strong buff classes as well and would be very helpful in multiplayer situations.


When tdaniel mentions multiplayer, i feel like looking at a light at a very long tunnel… Hahaha gets my hopes up in having multiplayer farming and clearing floors. XD



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