Barrage 125+ APS

when I was a noob, I thought Barrage was a weak skill. recently, I started thinking of Barrage’s APS and how high could I get it.

with Barrage skill 40, +60% Attack Speed, Hunger Set (5), Angelic Set (5), and Draught Mythic, I got Barrage 20 APS. with +4 Multi Attack, that’s 100 APS.

with Epiphany Set (6), Hunger Set (6), Angelic Set (6), +78% Attack Speed, Barrage skill 40, and Draught Mythic, I got 25 APS. with +4 Multi Attack, that’s 125 APS.

that’s a lot of Barrage Bolts flying around. I have tested Barrage 50 APS with one Zenith Myth Stone for +50% Piercing Chance on floor 200, and floor 505 with Time Warp (with Barrage skill 40 and Time Warp, Barrage has an amazing range) (505 is my farming floor). I really liked the results, and since I was using a test build, I kind of plan on making a 100 APS Barrage Crafted properly, and I think it should do well on floor 1000 at least, and hope to test it for floor 2000 if it does well on 1000.

I prefer Comet Builds to Barrage, but the crazy high APS for Barrage kind of has me getting excited for a new type of build for me to use. during my testing, the Barrage build I tested did fit my play style, so I’m looking forward to making it. I just hope I have enough Crystals & Gold to make it.

Do you have a video about this set build mr. Golem?

I remember when i tried using my barrage PVP build for PVE and was stunned by how powerful it was.

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no video of the build, sorry. I was just thinking about Barrage and wondering if I could make a decent build, as I’ve been using Staff/Comet or Special Skills on a Gauntlet. so then I started wondering about how to make use of Barrage high APS potential. I’ll post what I put on the Build after I make the 100 APS version. I kind of want to make it for floor climbing, so I’m still considering some Set & Affix combinations. I’m thinking of going with Ice or Ice with Prismatic. 20/100 APS a second zapping Frostbiting for extra damage makes me feel kind of frosty. :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: