Barrage build

Guys can you give me some tips how to increase the range of the barrage build on battle arena.

Go with 6 epic barrage affixes. That is an Epic affix on every gear including pet (not OH). Make sure they are maxed first also… if you roll Epic HP or MP make sure it’s 7500, then 10 Barrage PvE will be 3 in PvP. Also, Elixir Mythstones on MH and OH (+2 Skills on each).

That would equate to 3x6 or 18 barrage from Epic Affixes and 4 from Elixir Mythstones or 22 overall barrage. This range should be ~50yds. You get other nice perks from 22 Barrage but you will get the range.

Some use eternal gears in their builds and you cannot have Epic Barrage on 6 gears. Just try to have as many Epic Barrage as you are able. This will increase your range.


Thanks for the help @Mr_Scooty.


You are covering well beyond the center of the arena now. Looks like ~60yds is your range now. Good job. :grinning:


Nope…it is still the same range before ,my ai is just moving.

Btw thanks again for the info you gave me, it helps alot👍


That makes sense! I knew your range was increased a lot. Good change with just AI.