Barrage dps build (need help)

someone give me some advice about barrage build

use a wand


What are you going to use it for? PvE or PvP?


i need decent build for a wizard
ived tried a storm wizard yet i waant to go higherrr with new build
ps. im new and im in the 300+ floor

Then search the forums for “Green Graden’s Elemental Build”, it uses wand as the MH weapon if I remember correctly.


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use wand for barrage all you need is dps/aps :hugs:

Wand is the weakest of the Wizard MH weapons, but it has the highest attack speed of the Wizard weapons and the Barrage missiles track their target, like a homing missile. anything you use to boost the damage with any weapon will help your Wand, and more attack speed with Multi Attack will make you a Barrage Monster in any Dungeon you enter. the down side for Wand is Barrage doesn’t have Explosion like Comet does, so only 1 target is affected by any hit by a Barrage. if you add Pierce, that could help, and I think that is why Poison is a good Element with Elem Crit, to create Poison Cloud, which is an AoE affect.

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