anybody here know about barrage?? is this a projectile? or not? can you explain? i have a build plan for this skill, thank you in advance


Yes it’s a projectile indeed.


thanks sir :blush: so i can combine it with cosmic power :blush:


yes if you use orb in old patch you can use the same method to increase the dmg


watch where you put your stats points?? I am using the same wizard style and i put 10 in health/power and the rest in mana/mp


I put everything at mana


me in power stats :blush: i dont need a tanky i need a power and more multiplying dmg to easy go to top


barrage rules on the land of meleeing players


Barrage skill is actually pretty good. Remember Griffin’s maniac missile build? I mean it was always pretty nice but the limiting factors were there too.

High attack speed, projectile affected by Timewarp, affected by Multi and Extra attack barrage skill, Skilled Mythic , etc.


i can create a barrage type build but not same as you :blush: i will create a 8k power hero than can kill all kind of build in a single round :blush: but sadly i havent enough crystal to build it :blush:


I don’t think there is any real point for multi-hit glasscannons before 3.0.1 if you understand me


I think you don’t know how to calculate battle arena power, so I recommend my guide :wink: