Battle Arena - Balancing

Yes it is true that I drop 1-3 eternals per map but I was hoping that I would get this and the higher rarity crystals. Well I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

@goodlike10 I think the reason they used Perseverance to block DoT in the Arena is that if they capped the DoT’s, that would make DoT’s weaker in PVE also. that would ruin Elemental Wizard and Barbarian Warrior Builds that rely heavily on DoT damage. or any build that uses DoT as the main component for damaging monsters. besides, if I can kill a DoT player in the Arena before I get hit for DoT damage, then I am the winner. the more powerful or focused a build is, the bigger the weaknesses it has to be exploited. Look at the Death Star in Star Wars. It was wrecking planets and whole fleets, but a dinky little missile in a dinky little shaft in the wall pulverized the Death Star. you know, if you made a good DoT build that got you far up the Leagues, then maybe it is time to make another build that can take you even farther without the DoT.
if I remember right, Reflect Damage used to be 400% MH damage, now it is 250% MH damage, just to balance it out in the Arena. that would mean Fire DoT 80% of damage dealt over 2 seconds would be something like 45% of damage dealt over 2 seconds. Poison DoT is 80% of damage dealt over 8 seconds, 45% over 8 seconds instead, and bleed would be 55% of damage dealt instead of the 100% per second for 10 seconds.

Now i notice most bleeders and crushing flamers build are Kamikazes high damge but low endurance now i can dropped meteor and teleported away then i killed them avoid getting hit i can do that without lag and delays thats why its hard to killed them because of delays im really sure if bleed can be dispel because im pressing dispel when affected me with DOT maybe the purge in my thropy cause to remove the dot

stealth OH skill can remove DOT. but it has a high cooldown.

Don’t use stealth in arena imo. You need dodge to make it even protect you and max dodge is 24%, so it doubles to 48%. Flawless victory makes that 14% dodge so doubled to 28% dodge. Investing a few slots in dodge isn’t exactly the best way to go about your slots either and stealth lasts only 1 second. Well it can last longer by hero point and then there are procs. Basically it’s not something to rely on.

The proc does have high internal CD, even with reduced CD since the cap is up to 24% for reduced CD. Again can’t always use Reduced CD as you might choose a better crystal affix slot or so. Vanish Mythic has blind but has the same problems as stealth, plus a mythic slot that will leave you with less building slots. Removing dot is kinda useful but dot isn’t that deadly nowadays except for a few builds when you got a good arena build. Perseverance is quite useful in some cases or instant killing opponent and sanctuary.

@goodlike10 Purge has saved me so many times, looking forward to getting an Eternal Trinket with Purge. I guess my low HP build in the Arena would be a Kamikaze build. it does good when I am in control, but my A.I. is still a work in progress. I have been able to increase my HP and Heal a little, so I am doing better. got up to Eternal Division 5 yesterday, and am seeing new builds that are giving me a lot of new ideas for my future PVP Build. some are still using DoT’s, and some aren’t.

I guest my elementalist aftermath procter wizard is crowd control build class mid-HP mid- damage and mid endurance. Kamikaze’s are glasscannon build 50k 100 300 500 1M hp are tanker

Ohhh congratulations you reach now eternal. I can reach mythic 2 now my no1 wall to reach eternal is lag and connection timed out not my main character not my build not my skills not the enemy’s and my hireling rogue needs another modifications

I deal 85k bleed DOT damage round 1 vs a test dummy, but i have cosmic orb dealing 15k to 25k damage to round 1, i have 84k HP by the way, and santuarium, and insane amout of dodge to, the funny part is that is just the 1º part of it, all will deal dobble damage back becouse of living force, what i’m saying is, DOT is overpower, but whid 3x perseverance immortal build’s can escape death normaly 7 to 9 round’s whid my build, and that alot of time that 3 slot can give to a player, moust build in eternal league (mainly to division 5 to 10 our 11, i don’t know eternal league max div right know) cant survive that mutch time, the key diferençe is survive and alot of player tranlate that to HP, Heal, but if you don’t have AR, dodge,block, dash away( like charge, sprint, vault,move speed, smokebomb is OK to, and alot of damage…, you will get defeted by a robot!

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