Battle Arena Damage Calculation

Hmmm. Can someone tell me/us how to calculate DMG’s and DMG Reduction in Arena thanks…

I fought this 2 today and as you can see I fight like hell…

I want to know the default :
Crit Chance and Crit DMG in Arena


@anon91429674 BattleMage/Skullshield Build +1
Sachzna Lapar Blinkstrike/Swap Build +1

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Go easy on my Ai😃

I just want to have some mathematical calculations in arena as you can see @anon91429674, that 2 screenshots are taken in 15th Round. I can’t kill those AI and AI can’t kill me either. Just a lucky RNG crit thats why Im lost :blush: but good AI Settings for this 2.

Default crit chance is 10% but can be removed when enemy uses flawless victory on you.

Default crit DMG is 50% but it is not visible in stats page but it is confirmed that crit deals around ×1.5 the original damage before adding the crystal crit DMG.

But is there any damage calculation out there? I wanna see how the Power in PvP was Computed also the HP, then DMG Reduction. :joy: Im almost there…

Power as such is irrelevant for a build. There are mechanisms that don’t show up.

If you take the damage formulas from my maximization post and multiply 0.05 (95% arena damage reduction) on top you can calculate exact damage values for different skills etc. ;)!


Can you make an example? In PvE I have 97.1% DMG Reduction with 81.1k Armor, 13.2k Resist how can I know my DmG Reduction in PVP ?

As you can see in my post my enemy have 8k Power. When you just looking at it, literally speaking Im already lost. But when the fight begun I thought Im gonna receive 100k DMG again… but just 14.2k the highest DMG I receive (Scalp) . I wanna know how to calculate my Power and DMG Reduction in Arena… IF it is possible. Thanks, Sir.:blush:

Thanks for the reply… and is RNG is still responsible for Lucky Crit? Right?

How to calculate damage reduction. Try to reduce a value such as 10k by % from thing lik Defiant, Shieldwall, skullshield , AR, resists, etc. After you calculate all possible things to reduce damage in your build , you’ll find your total damage reduction and your average.

How many AR is equals to 1% DMG Reduction?

No idea.

AR formula: DMG-(DMG× flat AR÷(flat AR + enemy level ×1000)

For eg: 10k DMG but 10k AR.

10000-(10000×10000÷(10000+20×1000) = 6,666.6666666667 DMG. That is about reducing DMG by 33% alone. That’s in PvP. In PvE, result would be vastly different since enemy level can vary alot and if enemy level gets higher , AR is less effective but in arena, enemy level is always 20 which is the player.

Then there’s defiant and other variables. Just so you get the idea of % values of damage reduction.

15% reduction by defiant.

6,666.6666666667×0.85= 5,666.6666666667 .

Another way this is calculated is: 6,666.6666666667×15%= 1,000. 6,666.6666666667-1000= 5,666.6666666667 .

Overall at this point if you only had Defiant and 10k AR, that would be 43% reduced DMG . This can obviously change with many values .

For resist, it’s the same formula except the 1000 turns into 100 to make sure resists are very effective at 3 digits and more.

I realised that the last time I did this one, I calculated the DMG reduction formulas of AR and Resists wrong since I did +1000 or +100 instead of ×1000 and ×100 like it was intended in game. That formula did get me in many ways but now I finally understand it after a while and I somehow remember it so well.

It seems like a quantum formula where if you swap the × and ÷ to the flat AR and resist , the end value becomes negative version instead of positive. Quantum formulas always got me good in ways at my school but it’s an interesting thing.