Battle Arena League Placement Adjustment (3/1/2016)

On Tuesday, March 1st 2016 we’ll be adjusting all player’s leagues and divisions based on MMR rating. This will mostly affect players who haven’t played 2.1 yet, or are in lower leagues with larger than intended player pools.

The League placements are as follows:

  • Eternal - Top 1%
  • Mythic - Top 5%
  • Legend - Top 25%
  • Epic - Top 50%
  • Rare - Top 70%
  • Magic - Top 90%
  • Common - Everyone Else


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Is this considered as the season 2 of battle Aren?

Waiting for this patch.

Update pls?

It’s still happening today, but will only be on the server. There won’t be a patch for this.

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So its not totally patch? How can we know thats its already updated?

It’s been finished. Most players that are active will see no difference. If you’re an old player coming back to arena, you might notice that you’re in a new league.

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so the lvl thing will just going on like that right, i mean no reset for arena lvl.?

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So only the arena league will reset and the not the arena level? cool