Battle Arena - Points Update


Server Updates:

  • Points per win have been increased by a minimum of 20 per match. This number scales down as you progress to higher leagues.
  • Points per loss have been decreased by a maximum 83% per match. This number scales down as you progress to higher leagues.

Please let us know what you think of these changes. We will be keeping an eye on League progression, and will likely have a few more changes to make based on feedback for the next Season.

Pvp unbalanced

How about giving message who are the players that defeat out player?


or put some revenge thing hahahahaha


Yeah add some clash of clan type thing, like being to view attacks, or who attacked you, anything …Battle arena really needs some spicing up because it can be a big core for this game. What else are people going to do with hard earned drops?


I saw before that they will implement something that benefit mythic 3 difficulty and also incentives in doing high floors. So this for campaign players

Pvp is nice as it’s a competition. Testing builds is really nice as well.

Well I am sure they will cater to both campaigners and pvpers ^^

For the server update it’s faster to go to another league as oppose to the initial way.
I am at epic league. I started pvp 2 days ago I think.

Maybe limit the enemy to a certain league but still in mmr order
like if your in common league you can only go against common league until like rare league.
then when you reach magic league then until epic league
so on and so forth.

For starting players it would be a surprise if you go against a eternal players when your in common league.

If this way present a problem in going very fast in clearing leagues maybe if you get 15+ streak it bypass this method and just base it on mmr


The matching system is fine the way it is, just because someone is OP in common league doesn’t mean he should have a non stop streak against mostly weak players in common league and move quickly to next league.


I wasn’t limiting to your league only.
I was suggesting like a bracket of your league + 2

Common league = vs common league, magic league, rare league

And I suggested as well if the streak is high = You battle base on mmr and that you could face higher league

If you just entered battle arena and at like 7th streak your vs eternal league players I think it feels unfair.
Why would someone in the lowest league will go against someone that is in the highest league.

The leagues are

You jumped magic, rare, epic, legendary, mythic 5 leagues

Just an example
mmr on dota is your mmr vs someone closest to your mmr.

well for me I have no problem with the current system I experienced a harder one when the first season of open beta was opened. It’s just maybe it could improve.

If it was base solely on mmr alone for playing why have leagues? Maybe just a mmr ladder if we don’t consider leagues.


I don’t really like how the points were given.Back when I was in Mystic league 2v2, 1st streak would give me 6points and 31points would be taken away if I lose.I remember fighting a Mystic league on my 3rd streak and I only earn 12points for winning and I would lose 25points for losing.And on the next streak was an Eternal league, 14points for victory and 23points for defeat.Like seriously, he is in higher league.And if you lose before 4th streak, you aren’t even earning any points.As for Eternal league, first win streak gives 3points.I won 4matches(24 points) and lost on the 5th, 23points taken away.Which mean I need to play 5matches to earn 1 point.


Yes sir if we got lose we want to revenge to our opponent :smile:


Leagues are also based on active players. Abandoned characters never level up

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