Battle Arena Pratice

It is notable that actual versions of Normal and AI Control are pretty useless, because them don’t reflect real arena fights in these days.

On normal test, our opponents have about 1-10k HP. They’re simply defeated by one hit. This problem gets worse when using AI Control, cause you can’t even see AI’s behavior because there is no match at all.

As a plausible solution I suggest making both Normal and AI Control similar to Dummy Test: Infinite time and Infinite HP for machine. This not only solves problem about weak opponents, but also solves problem about power: Since we can draw the match at any time (see video below), we can simply draw several times and their power will grow as much as we want.

I’m not asking for an entire new feature that we could set opponent details, but just changing other modes to one already existing: Dummy Test.

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Yeah, I wish this could really happen :cry:

I would love to truly test my A.I in a better manner to really improve it. I mean 2v2 works in testing A.i better than A.I control but it’s not too representative for 1v1.

That being said, my build does do very well for 2v2 even as solo . Although a well built second character helps.

Never tried 2v2 AI Control. How is it? Do you fight another of yours characters?

I used the live 2v2 battle but A.I control is similar. Anyway even though 2v2 can be an alright method of seeing how your A.I can behave, it’s not the most accurate since there are two players , the follow teammate setting and other reasons.

A.I control is too easy though since low hp A.I from in game. The 2v2 battle feels better since I can actually just sit there with my second character watching how the A.I functions and move to make sure to see it. I wouldn’t call it the most accurate but more accurate than other methods . Though death gg method would be even better.

What method are you talking about?