Battle arena replays

Battling with other player is enjoyable and awesome, especially if there are replays to watch. So on next patch, i will suggest to have battle arena replays to be added.

Why need to have battle arena replay?

  1. To see how your AI performs when offline. This will help to study how your AI behaves, so you can easily adjust the AI settings based on the desired behavior that AI must be.
  2. To have more knowledge about the gameplay of DQ. You can easily understand how mechanics of all affixes work when it watch in replay. This is to test all gear with ease.
  3. To learn from high rank players. Although there are youtube where some of DQ video are posted, it is more convenient to also have a video in the game itself. Additionally, having a video on how pro-player plays will help some newbie to learn some moves and item equipments.

Hope that DQ team will consider my suggestion. Thank you.

Just use the AI settings when practicing your build so you’ll able to know how your character fights when you are offline :smiley:

Hmm but the AI players stats are scaled down to idk what percent and the result is that you wouldn’t really know how your char fights because its always 1 hit :joy:.

This is a good suggestion. :blush:

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Play long enough hahahaha that’s what I did

Another technique I use though is play on PvP 2 players. Have to carry a Tanky/immortal main toon though for me to observe longer how my AI works

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That’s great too! Wow!

Yeah i am doing that when i have time and that is helpful too. However on AI test my hero will set to face a random enemy with unknown stats and also an AI. In this way, you can see how AI behaves.

Similarly, battle arena replay also do that in an enhanced way. First, the replay shows battle between player controled hero versus AI hero which is not possible in AI test. Additionally, I intended to suggest battle replay to see how other players counter my builds so that i can further improve or change my equipment base on what my hero lacked.

Hope you understand my point. :relieved:

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I would sugest something more viable, such a test dummy with a settable AI (endless HP with an behavior).

Understood it crystal clear :smiley: I get it now