Battle Arena stats

Is there any plan on being able to see your stats in pvp the same way you can do it in campaign mode? It would be very helpful to see your hero’s stats without having to do the full math everytime.


+1 I like the idea

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I like this idea. Its a must.

I always wanted this idea too. Why didn’t I suggest it lol. Oh well, good thing it’s finally posted. Better late than never.

Then again, I was forced to do the full math which kinda helped but not everyone likes to go through that. When I first went to arena, i didn’t do full math but I did just sell through experimenting but that didn’t always help of course.
Yes my builds are great due to great planning but of course it makes it easier seeing it through PvP menu.

That was great!

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:heart_eyes: +1

heroes and item are scaled down to lvl20

if you want to see your arena stats in campaign create a lvl 20 character and a all your gear is lvl20 also, then reset your heroic skill, dont use 2x elixer, 1 elixer is exact +2 allset like in arena, about prt lvl 20 also

in that case you will see your arena stats even if you are in campaign,

thankyou :blush::blush::blush:

just sharing

Of course that’s true but yeah. Or calculating as if you have level 20 items dropped from a certain floor and for the power 103, hp 103 or MP 103, it turns into 19 or 20 points or however many.

For base DMG of level 20 items, you either look up in forums, find a level 20 weapon yourself or calculate using the level formula to find the exact base DMG of an item at a lower level if you’re good at math .

Then there’s clues in the arena rules. Mythstones are nerfed by 70% in arena which is an easy calculation. Everything else you can find by checking level 20 character or by calculating. Stat caps are reduced by 60% for everything which is another clue.

Damage reduced by 95% is a big one however. Normal level 20 character in campaign or dungeon crawler mode will have more DMG than an arena character . For DMG, you just reduce it by 95% once after calculating DPS formula (that’s my easy way to see how it works).

i know how to calculate :blush: i love math and thaats is a reason why i love this game :v:️:v:️

but calculating + testing is much more good than calculating only​:bento::grin:

your eyes will see the thruth not only on your mind :v:️:grin:

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Of course. I knew that.

it has a great benefit for those intuition type player :sunglasses:

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I agree

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That feature would certainly save me a fair bit of time.

What is problem about doing math all the time? :frowning:

The “math”… lol :wink:

Problem is, when you can’t understand what is wrong with your calculation, whether a small mistake or a bug.

I don’t do the math and yet i normally win at least 2 rounds in a row, if not more than that.

Yeah, problem is when you get to high eternal divisions dude… XD

I have no issues but I prefer easier ways tbh. I get good math but yeah. It’s just convenience if there’s a stat page you can view in arena for exact calculations much easier than before. I can definitely get accurate calculations in arena but some areas you can get wrong and it takes retesting to find out of course which isn’t a big deal to me but for some, it would be.

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i am using normal gear at epic league once a make my purple gear and crystal gear than i will reach that league in no time. i just have to keep ascending.