Battle Mage Set


Battle Mage Set
I just read the dictionary and saw that the Battle Mage will change your Main Hand’s (MH) skills to Wirlwind and Charge which belong to Warrior’s skills. So if I wore Crimson Battlegear (Battle Mage set) for my Wizzard which is using Gauntlet, the skill Blast and Twister would be changed to Wirlwind and Charge. Is it true? I just want to make sure what I think is right. Can anyone help me figure out this? Thanks.


Yeah changed it into whirlwind and charge. If you Use (Battle Mage) set affix.:wink:


if you use wand. Wand skill is barrage and storm. Cou’z If you use (battle mage) affix changes it to charge and whirlwind like this. The battle mage affix Use on the wand.


Oh. Thank you
I did notice that you have purple items. Are they mythic items or something like that? And how you get it, because I’ve not seen it since I started playing DQ


Battle Mage: also, the Weapon you use will affect the DMG of Charge & Whirlwind. Wand has lowest DMG, and Gauntlet the highest of Wizard MH Weapons.

Mythic Items: these Items have a Purple Border and have one Mythic Affix. these affixes are made by putting a combination of 4 Myth Stones into 4 Sockets. it doesn’t matter which order you put the Myth Stones in the Sockets, just that you use the correct Myth Stones. the Recipe for each Mythic Affix is found in Codex > Mythics.

Mythic Recipe: ‘Unlock Hints By Socketing Myth Stones, With Rarer Myth Stones Giving A Greater Chance To Unlock Hints’.

so just using Myth Stones on your items will unlock hints. when you first look at the Recipes, there are only ’?' shown. as you use Myth Stones on your items, you start getting hints for the Recipes for the Mythic Affixes.


Battlemage is good on any character class for movement speed but on a skullshield wizard it rocks.


Thank you guys so much. Your comments help me a lot!