Battleheart legacy

Thats an off-topic about the battleheart legacy game on ios and maybe android I don’t know.

This topic is all about sharing your strategies (if you play the game) and your equipment.

So here’s my palarogue [PUN]

Its a mix between rogue, paladin and ninja with one barbarian ability. And its main caracteristic is DPS and ATK speed

How is your hero?

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I have this game on android too but my character is just starting xD need to search for a good build (preferible wizard type)

I play this alot. For wizard in the coliseum shoot for the aoe type stuff, chain lightning and meteor. Theres a slow skill you’ll want, ice storm or blizzard maybe, I forget the exact name. Teleport is also a must. Get items with the best cooldown reduction, then keep everything slow and spam your aoes, teleport away when something gets close.

In addition, I would recommend just trying to unlock every skill first and then beat the final boss. After that you get to create whats called a “+ character” which starts you over with access to all the skills so you can customize better.