Battlemage build worth anything?

Ok so I’ve been looking for a new build to try and came across the battlemage set is it any good? Or does it have the potential to be good in pvp and pve?

It’s useful in both

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Battlemage build was my second build, first was the Aftermath. And I’ll tell you, it is worth it if you can maximize its efficiency.

I used a battlemage wizard, that placed me on eternal league division 10. That was my first build that I theorycrafted for myself and wasted a lot of crystals and ms on it.

My main purpose for that build is for PvP, not on PvE. And the rewards of using it is really worth it.

If you know how to form set synergies, and must-have affixes and mythics, you will surely be amazed by the results.

Battlemage is a great build, as for my experience in the starting stages of my endeavours.


Battlemage makes you a fast mover. Very fast. If you have a destructive off hand weapon then all the better in both pvp and pve. You can quickly avoid damage while inflicting damage. Then consider block and dodge :sunglasses: