Beat me - Highest Dummy First Round Single Hit Damage Challenge

Aight, I want to brag a bit :yum: :sunglasses: too cool to not show.

It is base Crit DMG% btw. :wink: no investment in Critical or Deadly Strikes. #NotaRogue

Deadly Strikes etc. allowed of course.

Hit me, you can do this!


I think I’ll take you up on this challenge, right after I finish updating my farming build instead of using an outdated one :S
Also I shall be following this #NotaRogue idea you have started :wink:


Should use crushing flames though and this comprehensive guide for more efficient affix placement for farming.

This guide great way to find a way to be most efficient on slots for farming to maximise damage and farm potential. Even better if you don’t feel you need gold find but Gold Find isn’t averaged compared to Luck and Item Drops.

This may help you save slots for new farm build. You should craft epiphany gear with dust or something. I think you reached 1k floor though.

Crushing flames build for farming high floor ftw.

I actually just went from floor 500 to floor 750 today, gonna climb and should be at 1k tomorrow… Going for 2k eventually and I’m pretty sure my wizard can keep up will just have to lower difficulty temporarily until warrior is all set to go

Also the farm build I have is going well so far, I’m getting so much material that its almost finished itself

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My highest is only 97k normal DMG not crit.

Did you use Rogue skill or NotARogue at all? :joy:

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Interesting 600k original crit,my aim is 10M deadly strike :wink:

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Awesome!! You can do it :blush: I still have quite a lot of margin upwards, currently holding back to give you guys a chance :grinning:.

Btw. that was of a fully functional PvP char which unfortunately did only work out in Div2 because of a large bug which I only noticed while testing the build. Reported it, hope it will get fixed some day so I can use this char in Div1 also.

#NotaRogue even with Skills :yum:!

Keep it coming! I estimate I can do 2.5M with Wiz/Warrior and ~5M with Rogue with only minor changes (wouldn’t work for PvP then anymore though, just for the damage numbers) - so 10M is possible I suppose!

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this is easy, page 75? can you do it page 1? :wink:

Can you do it at all ;)?

ez Bugatti

I’m at 1.5k floor , almost 1.6k.

Highest DMG I got back when Electrocution was broken in testing patch or 3.0 was 700k deadly strike but it was basically pointless because I didn’t even need Electrocution in PvP at test patch. I’m just glad Electrocution isn’t broken now otherwise tank build could wreck player even more or DMG player , even though it’s based on 25% HP. In PvE, it would have been extremely broken too.

Was a rogue though but yeah. Highest legit one without test patch on dummy was like 300k deadly and 170k deadly on player. Still pretty high but not always needed.

Yeah but Electrocution doesn’t work on dummy :slight_smile: neither does Demonic.

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I meant player lol. Sorry I forgot to specify.

nothing new…1M+ crit damage is the record to beat

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Yeah of course it is. That’s in 1st round. It’s actually not too hard to achieve to dummy but making a PvP build that’s actually good for PvP but deals 1M to dummy in single round can be the challenge but it’s a possibility.

i found a old screenshot on my phone this is outdated, i dont have this build now and i dont have much time to play dq now,

if this doesnt suits your challenge then ignore this.

BTW i hid the name because i usually name my character depends on their build

here you can see a non crit, a crit, and a deadly strike.

and its round 2 page 3 sorry if its not round 1 and page 1 if you want you can do your round 2 dmg and post it here

and lastly i use rogue because rogue is my main,


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Thank you for your strong heart.Infact,I am afraid someone say 10M in 1st round is cheating damage,but now I am 100% sure 10M is still far away from the ultimate number,my new aim is 200M !!!

You push me to finish this :wink:

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