Beat the top 1 in legit league with Deadly Cage wiz

Im apreciate with your build,thats rare player using warrior in arena… but,im so sorry with my opinion bout your build… its too weak within eternal pet you put in there
Change your bloodmagic to fury+harmony
Remove enigma than using pandora shield with legend armor/stunt ressist affix
Overall your warrior have good dmg leech/dot/bleed,but not enough to drain other thanker with preseverance affix include 1-2
Try to change eternal divination to mashocism amulet include stenght 10 gain your armor and hp and using myth sanctuary to make imperfect endurance your hp
Using flat wpn dmg on oh
Thanks to legend player who teach and share the great build,
My build is adopted from Big Brain by mr.@Nuique with a little touch from my idea