Beat top 1 eternal div 2vs2

This is vid tutorial how to beat @Deathbro Toon with easy way
I beat his Toon only with my Rouge

Mythicskill : ruptured,alchemy,sanctuary
Talent : pistoler,rebound,propulsion,razored
All nature : death
Core to cast : Permafrost bonus

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I dont play anymore. Elyseum, Jin Sange, you are known to cheat on other account and i am pretty sure we dont play the same game. I am sure you dont have any problems to gain ressources or farming and you should have Infinite gold if you want.
And i am surprised when i read your build and i see Ricochet affixe on OH… but anyway


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yep, before it’s true
My other account I’m tinkering with in such a way, and I applied the original formula to this new account, I don’t deny this…

if my account is banned for the second time, it’s probably because of the report that the devs take seriously

Just for fun

@Deathbro AI is easy to kill only by ricochet
,But His AI can handle tank build in arena 2vs2 not 1vs1