Been gone awhile, how are people doing so much dmg?

I stopped playing after ascended perks came out. I had 2, I just finished the 3rd and and im at level 84 now.
Im playing a rogue, well i have all 3 classes but my main is a rogue. i’m going with Bow Guidedshot Maelstorm Ice element.

I see people doing billions of damage and im still doing single digit millions.

Any advice for people that have been gone since ascended perks came out?

Look at @CuzegSpiked crushing flames build. It’s on here.


Thanks will do


Poison Build with Druid & Plagued Sets.

Ice Build with Frozen Set.

Fire Build with Crushing Flames Set.

Shock Build with Electrification Set.

Arcane Build with Ascendant & Arcanist Sets.

Element Combination Builds using previous Solo Element Builds together.

it also seems that there is a DMG boost for players every few hundred floors or so, so the higher you go, you eventually get a boost that helps your DMG.


Ahh cool thanks

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