Beginner Crafting

Hi guys. First off, i have been reading through many threads in the guides section, but when it comes to what is, and how to craft, im still completely lost.

Is there a pre-schoolers guide to beginning crafting? Or even a copy of the idiots hand guide to all things crafting?

Lol. This game, seriously. Friggin awsome

You may have already seen these but…


Both will explain the basic use of each and tell what the individual crystals and mythstones do (shout outs to Griffin)


Yes have bookmarked that. But i guess im just largely confused about the gear to begin with still. So how to craft optimally is prolly out of my league atm.

For eg : i often see a weapon with just a mere 2k dps show a 200% dps increase against a weapon with 12.5k dps… 0.o

Well, long story short, much to learn, oh so much to learn :slight_smile: