Beginner need help for my wizard builds pvp/pve


I begin on dungeon quest, I’ll reach lvl 100 soon and floor 170 soon too. I only have red items and I want a good build for pve. I actually use orb and manashield spells. I have reactor, cosmic power, permafrost, living force and nadroji for increase set bonuses. I don’t know if I invented this build but I think I can have better build for pve. Moreover, I want to creat a new build for pvp because sometime, I lose 3-0 very quickly, I don’t understand why… I take so much damage or I deal 0 damage… I know, I have to farm so much for pvp build, I need crystal but it’s so hard to find it.

Sorry if my English suck but I’m French.


max level is 99

Since I reached floor 200, legend ennemies are impossible to kill, they one shot me and they have too much hp. I tried a build with plagued but all mobs were kill before the legend’s spawn. The other build with orb and reactor set isn’t better than the first. I never try the aftermath build, how much damage deal this build ? And I repeat, I only have legend items, atm I can’t have crystal or mythic affixes.

change difficulty to Epic or lower

I guess a 10% crushing blow epic affix would help quite a bit if you dont deal enough damage

use element dmg epic for better result it gives 5k Element dmg