Beginner Questions

Hey, that game is really awesome - I started 2 days ago and some things are not clear although I google and look for it in the codex.

  • every item with “extra attack” gives me a lot of +dmg although it is worse - is extra attack that strong?
  • if I find a item that gives me +fire dmg but my weapon is ice dmg - do I do more dmg or does it need to be ice too?
  • are items generally better when they give +3 to the skill you use? instead of stats? I have a amulet with +3 for skullshield and a lof of other items are better dps wise (from the display atleast) but i dont think they give me more dps.
  • should I keep my mythstones? The bonuse they give seem to be really bad (+2% mp/hp on hit, +25% total mp etc…)
  • what is the point in doing challene maps? I can just do normal campaign and progress, can´t I?
  • I dont understand “+2 Multiattack”. Is that a chance? Do “skullshield” trigger that too? I cant seem to find out by testing.
  • What is the difference between “Multiattack” and “Extra Attack Chance” - both do an additional attack?
  • I saw a video about a “Aftermath” build wizard. How can I get more points of “Aftermath” on my gear? I only found one ring with Aftermath.
  • Is it possible to play campaign with a friend online?
  • Would you recommend me buying a second char slot and let him follow me? I am only on floor 64 by now.
  • In youtube videos I see a lot of people running with blue gear on mythic 3 1000+ floors. I thought at the “endgame” you would run only with red or orange items.

Thank you in advance for every answer I can get.
If developer read this: You did an awesome job with this game!


1- Extra attack is 50% chance for an additional attack. Each number of extra attack means 50% for an additional 4 attacks if you have 4 Extra Attack or 2 additional attacks if you have 2 Extra Attacks. It definitely seems good in my book but it doesn’t exactly say how much it increases your MH% but it’s definitely there. I’m sure it works like Multi Attack but it has 50% chance to do an extra attack whereas Multi Attack has a 100% chance to do so. Combined with multi attack, it’s still OP.

It’s not clear on whether it actually increases MH% as codex description is simple but vague at the same time. If it gives extra attacks though, it is bound to increase your damage output.

I have seen a formula though. For 4 extra attack, it would be 1+(0.5+0.25+0.125+0.0625) = ×1.9375 damage. Although this will be divided by 4 and it turns into increasing MH by 48%. It seems odd that if you had 2 extra attacks, it actually doubles it than 4 extra attacks but 4 extra attacks makes up by adding 4 of those 48% increased MH% attacks . I can’t say it’s correct though but one can feel that more extra attacks will add more damage even if it looks like less.

Multi Attack is less complicated as it just straight up increases your primary skill MH% by 50% each presumably . 2 Multi Attack means 1+(2×50%)= ×2 or your MH% is doubled which means your damage output gets doubled but also 2 extra attacks. 4 Multi Attack means 1+(4×50%)= ×3 or triple damage output.
Multi Attack also actually adds multiple other attacks

Although the codex doesn’t show it’s formula which is a bit sad as the definition isn’t so clear. It gives the basic definition but for someone like me who precisely calculates everything, the codex definition isn’t clear enough to see whether each affix is truly worth it.

Of course this only works on primary skills and work best on them. On secondary MH skills, you’d need this mythic called Discordance.

2 -If you find fire item that has +fire damage but you deal ice damage, the fire damage won’t add unless you change your weapon into fire damage or the element of the gear you found to ice.

3 -Yes 3+ of skullshield means 3 hero points to skullshield. The increased damage on hero points actually means increased MH% or OH%. Skullshield is OH% and at 20 hero points, it increases its damage by 100% which means your skullshield will deal twice as much damage or for short, twice as much OH%. It also has other bonuses such as increase hit speeds and other listed bonuses. Although if you’re a wizard, you can generally already add 20 skullshield points without epic affix and the extra 20 by 2 10+ epic affixes.

Trust me, 40+ skullshield hero points is good. Not only 3× the original damage but also so many more hits per second.

4- Yes keep all the mythstones you can. You’ll eventually find extremely valuable mythstones like the high rarity ones. Also the lower end can easily be converted into higher end mythstones too.

5- Multi Attack adds extra other attacks to the Mainhand primary skill (MH%) but it won’t add to the offhand (OH%) and skullshield is offhand.

6 -Difference. Multi Attack always does additional attack and extra attack has a 50% chance of doing it. It doesn’t say in description of how much DMG extra attack actually adds through that 50% chance or the multi attack. Its best to add 4 Multi attack and 4 extra attack for best results in primary skills or discordance build.
Again, we need a formula of them in codex to be truly clear.

7 - You get more set points by this mythstone flaked Elixir. It adds +2 extra set points per slot on ring and amulet. If you add 2 of them, you’ll get +4 all sets . That means aftermath on 1 ring becomes (5) which is more than enough since you can have more than 100% chance to reset cooldown and cast the taunt and fear.
Also the legend affix called +2 all sets which does the same thing but it is only on a select few legends and cannot be added by Crystal called Ruby.

8 - Yes definitely get a second spot for quicker gameplay. It’s truly worth only $1 to finish the game easier but I’d say only buy it after you get familiar with the game in how some things work. That second character will be useful regardless though.

9 -I think you mean cyan gear aka Crystal gear? Not magic gears. The people wear purple and cyan gears because they are the highest tier of gears. Purple means Mythic and to add a mythic on any gear, you need 4 mythstones and know the order of them . There is a dedicated page called Griffin’s smithery mythics.

The crystal gear can be either found naturally or by adding an Obsidian crystal to add a crystal affix. Crystal affix are the most valuable affixes to add as you can only have one and if you don’t get the right one, it can’t be removed by kyanite . Mythics can only be added but if you get the wrong one, you’re stuck with it unless you craft a new piece of gear.

Both are very powerful affixes for any build of level 100 for any purpose whether it’s floor climbing or PvP.

TLDR, game is simple and complicated at the same time lol. Fix the codex lmao. I mean the multi attack is correct but the extra attack is debatable but worth adding.

I think extra attack formula may be completely wrong and extra attack is even more OP than it already is and codex may be correct in the simple terms.


Yeah I am basically good at this game and even I get confused at the simplest of things even though they work very well in this game such as multi and extra attack for eg. I used to suck terribly though.

One tip though, don’t copy other builds until you understand how the affixes work and how they can work together in your own builds. Also until you made a lot of crystals thanks to a good farm build.

wow thank you so much!!
Atleast I have a bit more basic understanding now :slight_smile:
Ok i will keep your new comment in mind.
I found a starter farm build from griffin, he explains the build very well

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Awsome reply and great info, thanks :slight_smile:

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