Beginner - what class? And more questions

Hello guys!

I´m completely new to this game - so I need some help :smile:

  1. What class would you prefer for a beginner?
  2. What class is good to farm some stuff fast?
  3. When I get on my first character(e.g. Roque) a good sword for warrior - is it possible to “switch” this sword from roque to warrior?

Thanks and Best Regards

1 and 2: Duct Tape Build posted earlier today and it should be able too help you out greatly as a beginner

3: yes there is a crystal called jasper that will allow this

Hope that helps out :smile: :+1:



WOW - that´s a fast answer like :smiley:

The thing is, I want a class that is possible to “autoshoot” the enemys and don´t need much skills.
I play not very “active” - is this class good for it?

Then i´ll give it a try - even if I like the roque with flint very much! :smile:

Yes it is! the main goal of the build is to cast orb and have it AOE everything for you :smile:

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Its up to you what you want
Warrior=tank defence high HP
Rouge=offence type long range high dmg
Wizard=skill type also dmg type

About auto shoot haha i think you use rouge bow all arrow shoot nearby enemy unlike chakram forward only it is good in pve since you dont like any skill

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@AW91 i suggest try rogue its fun spexially if u like autoattack type it can easily kill mobs 1v1 epics/legend/mythic foes… and w/ proper build your untouchable from mobs (permastealth) even having 1 hp will let u survive any floor…

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@AW91 for me suggest you to use a warrior because of talent they have you can switch from offence type to defence type good in pve and also dominating in pvp, most players in top league use warrior as their main character :laughing:

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Well, a warrior with a whirlwind build is actually good. You just have to press the whirlwind button all the time and move your character around the map, essentially whirlwinding all your enemies to death :smiley: It’s much better than a flink lock autoshoot since it won’t allow you to move around the map, and not all enemies won’t get close to you that way.

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Thank you guys!

I try all of these characters but need a “farmer” first to have good equip on my 2nd and 3rd character :smile:

About farmer type … use your main character then find any legend item that has this set affix (color green )
PLAUGED-for farming using Poison element
Frozen-for farming using ice element
Adventurer- boost dmg while gold collected indicator showing
momentum-boost dmg by movement speed bonus you have
Druidic-good combine with Plauged Set

Item is very easy to find with that affix. So you dont need to waste crystal for farming except using (crystal calcite) for changing type of element :laughing:
Better to find any item with PLauged and druidic then use then. Adventurer and momentum is for boosting dmg only :laughing: goodluck

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That I accidentally have made shit…

Tried out the wizard, but it´s not good for my “playstyle” and found the plaguad-armor …
But have deleted the wizard to make a roque again <.>

Orb isn´t that cool as I thought - hit only a few monsters

@AW91 any class can hit all mobs

Just use amber to change the special skill of your OH to taunt it lures to yours all near mobs

You can check out my rogue flintlock farming build: Explosive Pellets: Rogue Farming Build

@MrGraie you can still move while shooting bullets from your flintlock tho. permastealth would make you untouchable as well.


Please find attached some pictures - hope you are able to help me, what I should do :smile:

Uploading… Uploading…

Love your toon name! 1st boss in Diablo2.

If use bow or flintlock, max your attack speed to 60% & extra attack, multi attack to 4 each, when you can. Attack speed is biggest factor to main skills since it multiplies with everything in the DPS formula.

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Noo - the name was:
Andariel :smiley:

So ASP is the most needed - and I think hp/mp on hit, or?

in early games, get at least both until you’re able to get your hands on a resource system

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What does “resource system” exactly mean?

They are mythical affixes. See the following:

The resource mythical are ar the bottom of this list. Can search the forum re how each works.

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AH - so that´s like runewords in diablo?