Beginners help needed

Been looking for answers
1 is it opposable to run more then one pet on a char
2 beginners guide ie things to do till god lv 99

Well, simply look for gear with +luck% and play on legend difficulty+ to get the most out of your farming for now (you will also gain an experience boost by doing this). Also i recormend you test out different play types, its a huge mistake most beginners make (myself included) and trust me, playing with new ideas will go a really long way.
I also recormend you just go through the forums and gather as much knowledge as you can find. Obviously the next patch coming soon and new stuff then but not everything will chamge so its worth gathering the basics.

And about the pets… No, only one pet per character. However you can have a hireling with the second pet… But only a maximum of two pets are able to be used at one time, and only one if your not using hirelings

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Very helpful thank you.
SInce I started rogue been using all main weapons and mix matching with off hand to get a handle of my play style.
thus far bow seems my favorite off hand still undecided bomb trap for added protection in mobs coat tends to lead me in to troble