Behind the screen

I’ve seen this in lots of other forums, so I just thought, why not here too?
Just tell the community, who you are, what you like, how you found dungeonquest…

Hi, my name is shutnic (real name doesnt really matter i guess),
I’m from Germany
I’m 16 years old
I’m male
I came to dungeonquest quite unspectacularly, while browsing the play store, but knew immediately, that i had found the metaphorical jackpot.
I also play Runescape (SlightlyOp) League of legends (shutnic). I am on Steam (sir_failalot) even though i dont play very much, as my parents
are strictly against gaming.

~ * Chris * ~

Fav Food:Bacon And Egg
Best Hero:Rogue

I cam to Dungeon Quest When I Saw CentraBPM And Diieter both of those guys are my idols and my inspiration to reach the RANKING :smiley: XDD
Even Stieger His Cool for me too XDDDD