Best Affix/ stats for wizard

whats the best affixe/stats of an item for wizard Farming PVE please?

it’s the same for all Classes.

max Luck & Gold Find. Max Item Drop. (you can use Fortune Skill and Greed & Luck Natures to help).

if you want even more, you can use Crystalline, Eternalized, Nadroji, and Eternalized Sets, either all of them or only the ones you want on your Farm Build.

after that, you Craft your Wizard with Skills and affixes that is fun for you and can kill monsters easily on floor 500ish. some players make their build able to Farm around floor 1000ish so they can get the rare Item drops on those floors.

ahh i see, thank you… ang bte can i still have a chance to get a eternal item drop rate even i do f2p only? bcoz mine are 0%

The game is totally f2p and you can get everything without paying There is nothing you can buy that can help with getting rare items with a very specific exception being ethernal pets

from what I understand, Eternal Drops, Eternal Crystal Drops, and Crystal Legend Drops are all 1% chance. Treasured Perk increases those drops +300%, so a 4% chance to drop. the Eternalized & Crystalline Sets also increase the chance to drop, I think +50% per Rank. Luck increases the chances of Items being higher Tier, and for Epic Tier Items (Orange) to be Legend. so first you want Luck maxed out for more Legends to drop, which increases the chances for the Eternal or Crystal Items to drop, even with a 1% drop rate. it’s the difference between dropping 1 Legend Item every 3 to 5 maps and dropping 4 to 8 ,or even more, Legend Items on every map.

also, when you buy Equipment Items in the Shop with Gold, they have a chance to be a higher Tier. if you have a Farm Build that increases your chances for better drops, it also affects what you get in the Shop.

In my opinion, one of the best wizard combos in existsance is discordance plus twiser plus twiser upgrades, at higher levels it basicly becomes a long range infinite stunlock aoe lasernado. It even works out for lower levels because one of the best weapons for it, golexes gauntlet, happens to he one of the first wizard ledgend items you tend to unlock.

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there are some Gauntlets that have +200% weapon damage, so that is huge damage for Twister. I’ve also used Twister Proc +25% and +50% with Twister Skill for even more Twisters (they overlap. it’s cool when using Prismatic or Ascendant and having 2 different Element Twisters at the same time). I haven’t tried using Maelstrom Set to boost the damage of the Twister Proc by +7.5% per Rank, which could be nice if using Twister for most of your damage. Twister Proc gets boosted the same as Twister with Twister Skill Points. Twister 40 and Cooldown +60% lets you cast Twisters every 1.2 seconds… if you go crazy and have 4 Twister Proc for +100%, you would be casting 2 Twisters every 1.2 seconds… with Discordance, the Twister Spell would need Attack Speed to be cast faster, but the Twister Proc would still be affected by Cooldown and is unaffected by Discordance.

happy twister wizard noises lol

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I’m testing Discordance Twister right now with my Ascending Wizard… things are going a little better for the moment.

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