Best Build for rogue

use ice type bow with guided shot

ice type bow? why?

Probably for same reason I recommended using propulsion talent, to control the mobs. Either poison or ice will work. I like poison for high damage mob kills.

This is amzing im learning alot hahah

Sounds like you may be new to the game. Welcome! Stay awhile and listen :joystick:

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If you are new, this is a great resource to get you started

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What if the mobs are having a poison resist like in the forest, is using a bow with a poison element still good to use?

Yes it is more difficult when the nme resists your damage element. But in my experience as you gain levels & put points in power skill you shouldn’t have a problem. Also add +5000 WD and 50% WD% epic affixes to your gears. In higher floors you may have problems with nme immune to your damage element. Can add Ignore resist legend affix. Can add weaken affix.

Following are opposing elements: Poison <—> shock> and Fire <—> Ice

After floor 200 it won’t matter as much. You can just buy a different challenge map if nme too tough.

Can also craft a mythic Effective ring. It changes the element to the nme’s weakness when u attack.

how to add epic affixes? can you show me how? thanks

how to craft a mythic effective ring? sorry still new to the game! hehe

Sure no problem.

For epic affix. There’s 2 ways to roll epic (orange) affix via crystal,1) angelite or 2) topaz.

Because Topaz is a rare crystal you may not have any yet. Instead you can use angelite which are plentiful. Apply angelite to your gear. If you don’t have an empty affix space you can use kyanite to remove an affix (gear can have 6 affixes). Apply angelite. If you get a normal (yellow) affix you can remove with kyanite & try again. Once you get an epic affix, you can reroll with sapphire until you get the affix you want.

This won’t matter yet, but in the future you may want to use emerald crystal to upgrade the quality of your gear to 25% max. Also use Peridot to max the gear level to 100. You need 100 level, 25% quality gear to roll perfect affixes which will be important later in the game.

To craft a mythic affix, you need a gear with 4 empty slots. Gear can drop with 4 empty slots or you can use Zircon to make a slot. Then use this reference to add mythstones to the gear.



This are my items right now! is it okay? xD hehe I use this while hunting for a good flintlock or bow

Yes these items work. Good job!

Hope for a bow so can use fletcher talent on chest gear. Also find an amulet with razored (bleed) or ambush (extra traps) talent. Work on adding attack speed affix until 60% max.

When you start getting legend drops, use calcite to change element to poison/ice on all gear.

Happy hunting!

amulet with razored? is it necessary? hehe sorry still new to the game

You got dextrous, good for survivabilty, which is fine. My PVE builds are OP so I focus on DPS. Preference really.

What is your item build? can you show me? anyway is your main rogue or wizard?

I made a farming duo where my main is warrior wearing maxed luck/gold/item drop/eternalized gear & hireling is either arcane barrage wizard or poison guidedshot rogue. Warrior simply taunts while hireling spams. For hiking I use the 2 hirelings listed. For PVP I built a scalp/orb Warrior but I can’t seem to get past #15 eternal. I’m gonna experiment with Chakram rogue next.

My prior post to you has a bow rogue similar to mine.