Best Build for rogue

Im lvl 39 rogue what is the best build for rogue? thanks


uhmmmmm! why not both? Xd

IMO very different strategies involved in building PVE vs PVP.

In PVP it’s all about survivability, hence why 6 of the top 10 eternal league are warriors. The other 4 are OP rogues.

IMO PVE is about farming & hiking. I don’t worry about dying in PVE, since gold buys life :wink:

My PVP builds use a lot of affixes that grant HP boosts. For damage, I focus on multipliers that don’t sap HP. For example, barbarian or push the limit. But for PVE I use glasscannon because you can obtain it through ruby and it also comes on certain gear (cant get barbarian or push the limit via crystals), however glasscannon saps your HP.

All that to say, my PVE builds are high damage output mob killers, and my PVP are more tanks with decent damage.

In PVE what should be the build to follow? im lvl 39 rogue

To answer your question, IMO you should build a rogue that is fun to play. There are many variations. I personally started with flintlock ricochet because an eternal dropped. Then my 1st Vacuus Scipio bow dropped so i switched to guidedshot.

If this is your 1st character and you have limited gear right now, IMO you should look for gear with plagued, blight, and toxic affixes. Use a weapon that deals moderate damage quickly, like ricochet or guidedshot. Those 2 main skills use little mana. Soon as you have some angelite, kyanite, and sapphire crystals, roll until you get +weapon dmg affix on your primary weapon.

If you go with a bow, look for a items with talent of fletcher. For either bow or flintlock, propulsion is a must so that you knock back nme. Relentless is also very good, especially with bosses or Epic+ nme.

If you go with a MH primary skill, max your attack speed with affixes (60%), also find gear with extra attacks and/or multi-attack. Keep in mind that EA and MA only work on your MH primary skill. You can also add mythstones to get EA or MA but Zenith is hard to find.

For PVE build, add some legend affixes like glasscannon (2-3 total). But if you use GC, your health will go down to 1 HP, so you’ll need to craft a sanctuary amulet to survive. Explosive is also a good affix.

Look for items with set items with defiant, masochism, plagued, vampire touch, pathfinder. Gear with elemental damage % is very important and more rare to find. Use calcite to change the element to the one you are using (poison).

Hope this is useful.

Here’s a top tier elemental rogue build for you to consider. I realize it’s not possible to craft this type of gear when you are new to the game, but it gives you an idea of what to shoot for, and how people achieve high damage.

use ice type bow with guided shot

ice type bow? why?

Probably for same reason I recommended using propulsion talent, to control the mobs. Either poison or ice will work. I like poison for high damage mob kills.

This is amzing im learning alot hahah

Sounds like you may be new to the game. Welcome! Stay awhile and listen :joystick:

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If you are new, this is a great resource to get you started

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What if the mobs are having a poison resist like in the forest, is using a bow with a poison element still good to use?

Yes it is more difficult when the nme resists your damage element. But in my experience as you gain levels & put points in power skill you shouldn’t have a problem. Also add +5000 WD and 50% WD% epic affixes to your gears. In higher floors you may have problems with nme immune to your damage element. Can add Ignore resist legend affix. Can add weaken affix.

Following are opposing elements: Poison <—> shock> and Fire <—> Ice

After floor 200 it won’t matter as much. You can just buy a different challenge map if nme too tough.

Can also craft a mythic Effective ring. It changes the element to the nme’s weakness when u attack.

how to add epic affixes? can you show me how? thanks

how to craft a mythic effective ring? sorry still new to the game! hehe

Sure no problem.

For epic affix. There’s 2 ways to roll epic (orange) affix via crystal,1) angelite or 2) topaz.

Because Topaz is a rare crystal you may not have any yet. Instead you can use angelite which are plentiful. Apply angelite to your gear. If you don’t have an empty affix space you can use kyanite to remove an affix (gear can have 6 affixes). Apply angelite. If you get a normal (yellow) affix you can remove with kyanite & try again. Once you get an epic affix, you can reroll with sapphire until you get the affix you want.

This won’t matter yet, but in the future you may want to use emerald crystal to upgrade the quality of your gear to 25% max. Also use Peridot to max the gear level to 100. You need 100 level, 25% quality gear to roll perfect affixes which will be important later in the game.

To craft a mythic affix, you need a gear with 4 empty slots. Gear can drop with 4 empty slots or you can use Zircon to make a slot. Then use this reference to add mythstones to the gear.