Best Build for rogue

how much to create a 2nd character?

it costs about ~1 dollar for a second character slot :smile:

Its really hard in pvp and im uaing rogue i want ice type build… Any suggestions? This ia my seconnd char and ive only been playing as a wizard i want to learn more on rogue thanks! :blush::blush::grinning::grinning:

Here’s some rogue builds


That was very infomative thanks… But i have no idea how to craft those legends becauae i am still new to this game :sob::sob::sob::sob: thank you for the fast response i appreciate it!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::blush::blush::slight_smile:

@deathGG here are some tips for crafting & leveling. Hope they help.

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Wow thaanks a lot … Thanks for the effort… Thanks a million times!!!

Still cant get the Vacuus Scipio Bow! damn

@onehitcombo1 VS is a rare drop. Can find it only by killing epic+ enemies after floor 100. Recommend you craft a hunter mythic ring to activate the shrines & kill the “powerful enemy” for chance to drop. Can also get from cartographer, floor boss, level boss, or rare enemy feat (spawns epic mob).

Until then, Winters curve or Odyssey are decent. Or even go with a flintlock. Whatever your best legend item is at the moment.

I get a Odyssey but its DPS is low than what I use right now! how to craft a hunter mythic ring?

Try to craft a bow with affixes like this bow.

Damn! still cant get a Legend Bow but I get this flintlock! is this okay?

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Yes that will work. If you can, remove the storm proc affix & replace with +5000 weapon damage epic affix. While using Flintlock, try finding chest armor with Pistoleer talent. For bow, use Fletcher.

Forgot to answer your other question. Hunter mythic ring is Rebirth Flight Quest Fortune.

Ahh okay

Thanks! but having +5000 weapon damage epic affix may cause much crystal

Use angelic and larimar only. Dont use topaz

ahhh thanks for the tip! What are the chances that you can get +5000 weapon dmg?

If you don’t get the affix you want, reroll with sapphire.

To answer your question I think there are about 30 general epic affixes + 20-24 class specific epic affixes, so depending on what class is rolling, around 50 possible affixes per roll. Sapphire is your friend :wink:

OHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I accidentally sell the flintlock dafuq