Best builds

In this thread, you can post your builds and get inspired by fellow players.

My mage build is made up of a sword, a skull as an offhand and the affixes recall/ legion. I use the blood mage armor, as I prefer having more life and not getting instakilled by epic enemies.

As soon as I have all my minions, I run through lots of enemies and let my minions (~14 or maybe just 13… I don’t know) take their attacks, while I place the turrets (7 in total because I have an epic +skulls affix) and spam my sword skill. So I essentially use the minions as a meat shield. I have the ice element on my offhand, because slowing the enemies helps immensely.

My build has a dps of “only” 170k, but that’s because I have ~450% luck too.

Right now I’m also going for a dps build so I can appear in the top 10.

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My set up was similar at one point; I used spirits as meat shields with recall on my amulet and legion on my helmet. This works well when using a low HP/High damage build! To make sure you have range on the enemy, using the sword is smart. The only thing I would possibly recommend is to use the orb for teleport, so you can easily kite the enemy from afar.

When I set up a new wizard build, it will be with Legion + Empower + Focus, and will involve a tome with high DPS, rather than the legendary tome so that DPS output is very high. My magus stone has +4 spiritmancer and +2 to all talents. With some + boost, and a few other skills, the summon build seems like a viable build for high damage output. (With that magus stone, you’d essentially have +6 to all skills involving summoning, meaning + 15% to damage, +6% atk speed, etc.) Then to finish that off, I would try to get my own DPS as high as possible on the stat page because it seems to correlate to how much your summons do in damage.

One thing to note, an arcane tome will add +25% damage while tomes with elements will not, so if you add this factor in, and then manage to have a high prismatic value when summoning, then you will get the added bonus of +25% element damage. This may not be worth the trouble though if you have a high +% to a specific element already through affixes (as I do).

I may also have +Plague and make it poison. Plague will add +2% poison damage per point.