Best class and build for farming?

Curently i am playing with wizard, but i would like to know is there any working warrior fun builds since toss got nerfed and sprint ms.

I played all three. Still tracing back to Wizard every time because of effortless farming. Skullshield is the best. :smiley:

ders no such thing as best farmer class it all depends on ur build. but if u wna farm on higher floors i think rogue would be best to use cuz of its ability to have perma stealth w/c inc ur survival rate since even u build tanky on higher floor ull still die. and if u build tanky u will also lose dmg. unlike rogue they can go on higher floors w/ 1hp just rely on der lvl30-40 stealth w/ 45% cd for perma stealth

in my case i use wiz as main tank build w/ farming builf max Goldfind droprate luck w/ eternalize nadjori crystaline affixes(for farming) this char has no dmg at all but can tank some skyfall tnt proc and mob hits/spells… i use my pure dps bowrogue hireling to do all the killing. it rarely die cuz of perma stealth

use cata ring for wizard