Best day of my life

Got an eternal map. Opened it. And then dq crashed before i can even destroy a crate box…

Really pissed me off…

Even better when u reopen the game and see “First time application setup” :smiling_imp: :joy:

That does happen? That will be hell for people who doesnt save all the time!

It usually, or may I say ALWAYS happen when the game fc during saving data :confused:
SO be sure ur device have plenty of juices when play DQ :smile:

My game crashed when I killed mythic enemy! :slight_smile: . No eternal drop for me!

Too bad, I don’t have this issue so far. Use Eternalize Set and Treasure+Fortunate perk u will get greens drop pretty often :wink:

Haha, i once experienced that, good thing that i saved before i spawned