Best element for mage?

Im hoping some pros could shine some light on this for me. What do YOU think or prefer the best element fotr mage?

Im using ice atm, but was thinking of going either light/poison/fire… help pls xD

Shock & ice

Shock is the best bc of the 12% dmg debuff?

Its due to many things, let me give you an outline:
Poison - Most common Wizard Legend Item Element
Shock - Most Legends with this affix tend to deal out high damage& harder (act 3&4) enemies dont resist it.
Ice - Permafrost, tends to be extremely powerful in most peoples opinion
Fire - Great for Act 3
Arcane - Ascendent; Few enemies resist althought most arcane legends put out little damage :frowning:

Oh sweet thanks, ill switch to shock and try it out

Ice to get the floors 200
Also extremly powerfull if coupled with permafrost

But poison is the best on a full epic stuff, with special items affixes like “plague” which work only with poison, tbh i’m using this element :smile:

I tried poison element on fire mobs and it dies faster

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