Best epic affix yet 😭

Why elements! WHYYYYYYYY😭 !

Bruh give the slimes some love :joy::joy::joy:

Lol. Show some love. 2 of my eternal slimes has ed+ and hp+ :joy::joy:

Thats actually awesome in PvP… I dunno what ur complaining about. XD

Man if a had a pet like that I’d be really happy lmao! Hahahah

That Affixes are good for Cerebral Vortex PVP :laughing:

According to a recent post this kind of pet is a perfect pet and you will get banned because it is impossible to get this pet with useful affix for pvp. It takes 33 Million hours to get this kind of pet.

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What do you mean it will get banned ? I hunt it on floor 2 legitimately.

But it seem to be editted, so… :sweat_smile:

Ok, so you thought me as a Hacker i get it. -_-

Tbh i touth the same at 1st guess theirs no way to prove it doe. Anywho enjoy it.

nah, you’re good bro. Nothing to worry about. Someone said on another post that that pet would take 33 million hours to get it. Nothing to worry about, you can use this pet and you wont get banned because his computation was inaccurate and subjective.

I would be glad if I were cited correctly. On average it would take that amount of hours to find one with five perfect PvP affixes. Four is a different story, it is possible. A lot of Luck though.

Seriously, spread facts. However slim the chances a pet can drop with 5 perfect PvP affixes, I consider it possible that a pet with five good PvP affixes dropped once in DQ history, maybe even twice.

4 affixes is of course more likely. There should have dropped around 100 - 1k of those, give or take.

I see 5 good affixes here you see 4 Which goes back to my previous point. “Good affixes” becomes subjective and doesnt come from statistical data instead from your personal knowledge of the game. You said you only consider 9 good affixes in pvp. You do not consider deadly strike, attack speed and hp on hit to be good for pvp.

Attack speed? You clearly have not played the game when @Malunya would just camp from a corner and push every opponent while spamming guidedshot.

Deadly strike? You havnt played the game before coatweapon fire and bleed was nerfed when bleed dmg procs deadly strike easy wins the round. And thw lohko build

Hp on hit? You havant played emmans lockon, when its about ro die itll go full hp after stealth and hp on hit like crazy.

The list goes on…so no way only 9 affix. Theres a lot and one could play around a build and have an ffix on ur pet that u dont have on ur gear and vice versa. So I agree, seriously lets spread facts

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Wait, so if i have 5 good affixes it takes 33 million hours of playing to get that eternal pet. When I get 4 it now becomes possible. Wait what from 33 million to possible?

Good affixes in the sense of good for every PvP char. I could even strike out Crit%, Crit DMG% and Resistance if you are happier then - further reducing the chances for a drop like that.

If you take ASpd instead of Hunger you are just not smart.

Deadly Strike is useless unless you play a certain type of Rogue.

Back when it was OP. It is a crap affix to have for quite some time now.

Do you want to spread the number of useful affixes to tweak the chances enough so that it looks possible? I thought I’ve made it clear that it is quite unlikely to find an eternal pet to match your build. Say you want a Torrent monster, how large are the chances for a pet dropping fitting your needs?
You want to put the cart before the horse here, in order to fix the chances and make it look more probable than it is.

Stating that you didn’t understand probability theory. You could play for 100M hours of monster spawn and not find such a pet. You could also find it within the first 1000 hours with a ton of luck.

Even if you’ve played your whole life the chance to find such a pet stays the same. The only thing I’m saying is that with all the downloads and players playing DQ probability tells me that a pet with 5 epic affixes out of the 9 I listed will most probable not have dropped more than once or twice, maybe even never.

And that is a fact. You can try and tweak and make people believe otherwise, they are most likely willing to believe you. After all they want to believe it is legitimately possible to obtain such a pet. Which it is, with a chance of 1 out of 80,000,000 legend pets.

Winning the lottery is more likely.

If your gonna have to give up a set affix just to get artack speed you are just not smart.

Rouge builds using burst damage and deadly strike are the ones that can reach top leagues

Why do you have to make a build and look and take your chance of getting a pet that fits it when you can do the other way around.

Unfortunately its clear that you havent played this game long enough to understand pvp. Oh well, in that case ive made my point.

Funnily I’ve been continuously in the top 10 the last few months. So you are right, I don’t know much about PvP. Oh wait. Don’t see you somewhere in Div1.

Hunger gives 22.5% ASpd and RCD. Anyone who wants ASpd and rather spends 2 crystal affixes or 5-6 epic affixes on it is not smart.

You can do that. I respect people that can build around an eternal item, I did so last season and received a lot of accolades for having one of the toughest Wizard AIs.

You know that there are 60 Talent affixes and 72 Skill affixes for pets right? That leaves 18 affixes only that are neither. Funny how rarely I see those on eternal pets in the arena. Considering this almost all eternal pets that have 4 good PvP affixes should have one just like the pet of the thread’s creator.

Not all good eternal pets are hacked of course. But almost all.

Ask some of the top notch elder legit DQ players who played DQ far more than I do if they have any useful eternal PvP pets. If they use eternal pets in the arena.


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Yeah funnily cant stay at the top spot thats why you prolly reported erase cause he scalps your character and cant go up in ranking?

I can get there in top 1 not just in top 10 if I want to as ive done so in every season and every patch in every meta

You would be the first guy to do that. Get hunger instead of attck speed. Give up one of the 6 slots rather than play around with 35 other slota

I reported him because he has a pet that doesn’t seem legit. If he is #1 or in mythic league is totally irrelevant. If you’ve read anything in the forum in the last few weeks you’d know why I’m not #1.

7 set slots. 6 crystal slots. 42 slots in total. I fear math is somehow not your strength.