Best Eternals Discussions

What is everyone’s opinions on what the most useful Eternal items are.
Obviously some are going to be a lot better than others and some may not be worth keeping due to not being able to change useless stats.

So far of the ones I have found I like;

Eternal Seige Weapon (warrior throw sword)
Eternal Angels Might (Warrior helm)
Eternal Wrath (Amulet)
Eternal Catacylsm (Ring)
Eternal Oaken Band (Ring)
Eternal Masochist’s Edge (Dagger)

i think eternal Apex of Epiphany is good, especially if you get it with a crystal aspd affix.

hi! i personally had Eternal Snow Lion’s Roar and Eternal Poignard… these stats kinda partners good with the “freezing” or burnableeder jumper that im kinda trying to build… my best thought so far would be

Armor - dodge, atkspd, elemcrit, elemdmg, blinkstrikeproc.
Head - dodge, atkspd, elemcrit, elemdmg, blinkstrikeproc.
Ring - ignore resist, set+, elemcrit, dodge, blinkstrikeproc.
Neck - dodge, set+, elemcrit, elemdmg, blinkstrikeproc.

i know this seem impossible but if i try farming nonstop, i mightve build the best possible… who knows, i might get a Crystal version of these stuff.


these are the best eternals for me


GOD, I wish I had the attention span for gaming. I’d love to have items like these. :heart_eyes: