Best floor for Crystal Farming

Hi everyone. I just want ask you guys on where would be the Best/better floor for farming crystals. Would it be on Floor 200 or Floor 500? Thank you guys so much

I recommend never farming below floor 400, for 1 simple reason, killing Enlaved counts towards killing a mythic Enslaved to get mythic pets. As for gems get the “Treasure” perk with a crystalline helm or weapon (5) will give you 550% find rate… that’s jus my opinion

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The best floor to farm ultra rare crystals is 501

Both. Floor 500 for drops, floor 200 for eternals due to more item dropping. Except legend maps on 500 are better. The farming enslaver feat as well. Since i insta kill even floor1000 mobs, basically any floor where its insta kill up to 1000. Flooor 1k is my 500. Ultra rare sets too.

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