Best Floor to Farm Gold, Crystals, Legends and Etc.?

Any Opinion/Suggestion?

There isn’t too much point about “a floor” to get rare legends since you can buy them with dust.
Anyway, if you like finding instead of buying, go 600+ M3 to get epiphany, defiant, etc.

Overall, you can try this:

  1. 500+ M3 to get ultra rare crystals, gold and many farmz, or…
  2. 180-200 M3 to collect as many dust as you can, then you start buying cheap eternal items to convert to ultra rare legends.

I personally like first option, since it’s pretty easy clearing an map in about 3 min solo and usually I get 1-2 ultra rare crystals per run, not mentioning that sometimes I get awesome eternal items.

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Thanks for the tips bro.