Best floor to hunt Ragnarok

Can i ask what floor is the best to find Ragnarok easily? I really need it right now for my build​:pray::pray:

Floor 100+ on any difficulty where you have max luck and nadroji :smile:

I got 1000+ luck, + 2 nadroji with bonuses
Found about 1k leagend last 2 days but no sign of Ragnarok

then RNGesus just doesn’t like you today unfortunately

I’m assuming you are killings epic+ nme to find it, right?

I find a lot of Ragnarok on floor 500+ when hunting crystals. They seem to drop when I’m not hunting them. But I usually get them from shrines, carto, and epic nme & legend nme Feats.

Map 100 & 200

spam 150-200 floor

Your also in div1 right?

Not sure who you’re asking but yes Griffin Eater & Peacedog have/had toons in PvP Eternal Div1.

Found ragnarok recently in floor 400 plus… I equipped 2 nadrojis haha

Question., what does control duration do?

Control duration increases the amount of time your control impairing effects last for these are things like stun, freeze, root, and blind :smile:

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Owwww wow this pretty useful! Haha

Yup! especially in PvP :wink:

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im not at div1 anymore haha hiding lol

5 person only at div1 so lonely😥

Does AR piercing in trophy can trigger the exposed mythic??

No armour piercing reduces armour that’s all :smile: