Best hireling for wizzard?

What is the best hireling for wizzard? Rouge or warrior?

And can you tell me what’s the benefits of getting hireling?

100% bonus item drops , more damage dealing in general for floor climbing combos , 2v2 arena , also easier farming since hirling can deal much damage and your main can have farm affixes and help.

It’s worth the 0.99$ price point. Also you get to experiment with other classes and learn possible builds from any class (learning with other classes is awesome for being good at building).

Thank you! Im about to buy it but i only have .89$ if you convert it

Try using google opinion rewards. See below.


Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

I never got a survey in this app (only one which comes with first run, lmao) in three months

Odd. First instance I have heard of that. Sorry it did not work for you.

Thank i finaly bought 1 Character! What is better for hireling? Rouge or warrior?

I use that all the time thanks to you

Yeah that is awesome . With that money, you could do anything online that uses it.

Although I never ever got a survery since I was under 18 and didn’t properly answer some questions.

I hope that if I get 18, I actually get questions. I still somehow disabled location which is a problem since I do go everywhere and going places helps for questions.

Also somehow being female and old or disabled gives better chance of questions , though best not to fake. Also having other accounts can help.