Best main hand mythic for Flintlock?

Hey all, new player, first time poster.
So, I’m really digging these here Flintlocks. I got ahold of one with the set I wanted already on it. and four slots open. I’m lowkey torn between all the options. Eventually, I wanna take my rogue to the arena and shoot fools all up in their face parts…whilst winning…a lot. Is there an option better suited for such a task?

Thanks Much!

Rockblast and bombard. They are good for keeping the enemy away from you.


Great, Thanks!!! gonna look into them now.


so I went with Bombard. gotta love it. Thinking of going with Permafrost in addition to it.

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My flintlock uses mirror images with enigma

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interesting. I’m leveling a second rogue for 2v2 I may look into that as an accompanying build to my MC

Cosmic orb 4ever


i tried that. it was pretty good for pvp.