Best Mythic In Mainhand?

What Are The Best Mythic In Mainhand ? i used pierce+orb . my choices are arc and cosmic orb ? can anyone tell me their opinions about mythic skill “Mainhand” i dont want the definition . i want your self explination about that mythic ^^thanks guys

The best mythic skill in mainhand. It depends on your experiences with that mythic and it depends on the build.

Here is the dmg for the mythic skills:

Now here are mainhand mythic skills I would like to discuss:
Cosmic orb: It is a decent dmg mythic skill, fast, good amount of ticks ( not too sure how many) and some distance to travel. Quite useful in pvp and pve and suited for many builds. I had a good experience with cosmic orb but as I said before, it depends on preference and your build.
Arc: Shoots 5 arcs (energy beam) out of your body, chains through enemies and good dmg. It is mostly best suited for pve and for melee type builds. Also another way for arc to cast is by reactor set affix for the orb to cast arc and arc dodge. Quite good to use reactor for orb to cast arc then use a mythic such as cosmic orb for eg. It is up to you though :smile:.

Bombard: summon small meteors and quite damaging. It does require getting close to enemies. Best suited for melee and in your face builds really. Good for both pvp and pve as well. In my experience though, it is good but there are other mythic skills to choose from and it depends on the build and your experience with the skill.
Cyclone: Summon some torrents (not the same as torrent skill) that can also suck in enemies. It sounds like an alright skill for pve and for melee characters. However, it is currently bugged as far as I know and I haven’t really used it much to know how good it is.

Earthquake: This summons a crater on your feet that makes a crackling sound. It can stun enemies in the crater and dmg them at the same time too. Quite good for some builds in pvp usually when they go in your face. A good example is a blinkstrike type build.
Rockblast: shoots 5 rocks and it is single targeting. I seen good use of rockblast in pvp since it’s better for single targeting. It can go quite well with living force set affix too. Still it depends on preference and build.

Apocalypse: I don’t really see this mythic skill being used much but it can be useful. Summons 3 furies from the sky each time and it is alright. It does depend on the build though and I think it’s preference or summon builds that can use this skill well. There are other mythic skills to choose from however.

This is the explanation of the mythic main hand skills that can or could be used. You can study these skills and choose which one would be best suited for your build. I hope the explanation helps and gives you more of an idea of which mythic to choose from. :smile:

For your pierce and orb build, I suggest cosmic orb would be a good idea for the build. Arc can be casted through reactor set affix for your pierce/orb build if you like as well. This is just my suggestion though :smile: .

o so very very thanks to you spike, go for cosmic orb ^^ labyah ! i promise when i see spike “powerful enemy” i leave it . i will not kill that . haha! by the way thanks so much bae .MORE POWER!

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