Best offline rpg!

This is the best offline rpg and it runs smoothly in my phone. This is the only game that i spent money. I hope in the future updates this game will still run smoothly in my phone because i have a low end phone. Best game ever!!!


Yeah… Me too. I have a sony xperia e for like 150$ and im quite surprised that its working with little amounts of lag. Gonna probably get an iphone 4 tho, with the iphone 6 coming out, theyll be like 200$.

Me too I bought a Samsung GT-S6310… it works well…

Or you can get a real phone like a HTC One for less than Iphone5 but with a better config so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Or samsung galaxy s4 for 230$

I hesitated between galaxy note 3 / galaxy S4 and Htc one m7, but with the benchmarks, the specs etc, the best was HTC one M7 :smile:
But these 3 smartphones are all 3 on the 2nd tier! all are fines :smile:

My only problem with my Samsung GT-S6310 is the device memory…

Everytime my application memory passes 800-900mb the Dungeon Quest (only game app that I installed in my phone/device other games that I played before good bye for now) that’s the time my DQ game becomes laggy…lol…when that happens I need to hard reset it so that it will go back like good as newly bought/brand new one…lol…just want to share it…the first android phone I use to play with DQ is the cloudfone (low end one) brand last year with internal memory 256mb I remember and 2.3.5 android version… I also remember that the DQ application is only around 28mb+…from last year of July till now I’m playing DQ that’s why I can say it is the best offline role playing game I installed… I’ve witnessed a lot of GOOD updates and developments in game… I even remember that the leaderboards last year that only top 20 can hit the chart…more POWER to the developers and the game…[emoji6]